Building technology that outlasts time

Define an authentic vision

According to Thiel, it all starts a definitive and an authentic vision of a founder that has the strength of being wrong. Sam Altman recently wrote in one of his blogs about the strength of being wrong, about how as Individuals we “should trade being short-term low-status for being long-term high-status, which most people seem unwilling to do.” Sometimes as individuals we need to question the existence of inefficiencies irrespective what other people think of us.

as long as you are right, being misunderstood by most people is a strength not a weakness. You and a small group of rebels get the space to solve an important problem that might otherwise not get solved.”

But just this thought of progressing forward is not enough. If you really want to design something for the future, you should be able to analyze and view the present critically. The ability to think critically lies underneath every genius brain. Apple has always made something that we can use today while giving us products that were difficult to imagine when they were actually launched.

Pick a niche and don’t get bored until you ace it

Are monopolies really that bad?

In School, I had learnt that Monopolies are generally bad for the consumers. They mean lesser choices. They went on to say that the government should intervene into a situation where a company holds a monopoly.

Start small but always think bigger

Amazon started off by JUST selling books, Tesla started with JUST a sports car, Zomato was JUST about restaurant reviews, Facebook was JUST an online service for students to judge the attractiveness of their fellow students, Pinterest was JUST a collection of hobbies.

Products don’t sell themselves

So many of us think of the word salesperson in a negative sense. Vertical progress without a good sales strategy might work for aliens or dogs. But not for us humans. Every entrepreneur needs to think of sales. In fact, most of us need to sell something first before handing it over to someone else. It also introduces us to what the consumer really wants.



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Arindam Kalra

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